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Hi, I'm David Rothstein, a board certified orthodontist and the creator of this site, Clear Retainers. If you're like me and you have teenage children or if you remember what it was like when you were young, you know how much has changed in the field of orthodontics. Gone are the old ugly metal braces retainers and here to stay are the beautiful clear retainers. I hope to fill this site with useful information to help you make the right choices when it comes to clear retainers. And for sure, leave a comment or question. I love it when visitors participate. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay.

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Buying Retainers Online How Does it Work ?

Dental braces are used to align the teeth in proper position. They function by applying constant pressure to the teeth with the intention that they are moved into a better position. however once the braces are taken off and after the teeth have been aligned, there is a possibility that the treatment may relapse and the teeth may become crooked again, therefore a retainer is often prescribed and required to be worn until the teeth settles in its new position. Retainers are used to prevent the movement of teeth after the braces have been removed and are either made from metal or plastic. Nowadays, the need to visit the dentist in order to get a replacement retainer has been eliminated and you can purchase retainers online from the comfort of your home. Buying retainers online also helps you to save a huge amount of money, which you would have to spend if you made a visit to the orthodontists clinic for your replacement retainers.

If you do not use a dental retainer for a long period of time, the teeth have a natural propensity to shift or drift away from their straightened position. Therefore it is important for one to wear a dental retainer at all times, especially when it can be conveniently purchased over the internet. Purchasing retainers online also provides you with different retainer options. You can purchase retainers online in the form of clear plastic retainers as well as traditional metal retainers. One can also purchase retainers online in a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns.

One might argue that since retainers are made by taking an impression of a person's teeth and gums and because of the fact that they are custom made to fit each individuals teeth, buying retainers online does not seem sensible. However, when you purchase retainers online, the website that provides you with the service of buying retainers online also provides you with putty that you need to make use of in order to create a mold of your teeth and gums and then send it back to them for manufacturing.

Buying retainers online is a relatively simple process and allows an individual to easily take an impression of their teeth to make a customized dental retainer just like the ones that the dentist provides at a fraction of the cost and without making a trip to the dentist.

Typically, you will receive a home impression kit when buying retainers online, this kit consists of two different colored pieces of molding material more commonly known as putty. You need to mix the two pieces of different colored putty together for about 45 seconds in order to get one solid color. Once the solid color is obtained, simply roll the putty until it is shaped like a finger. Next, pick up the mouth tray which will also be included in the kit and put the finger shaped putty onto the tray so that it covers the entire tray. Take the tray and hold it between the center of your upper and lower set of teeth and sink your teeth into the putty. You need to hold the tray in your mouth for about 5 minutes in order for it to harden and then remove the mouth tray. Once the impression is ready, send it back to the online company and they will manufacture the product and send it back to you.